How we work


First contact

After the first contact, Litchi provides the latest price and product catalog.
Litchi is at your service to guide you through the range and possibilities that exist. We also suggest suitable products / quantities based on previous sales experience in order to start up sales in the best way possible.


Steps for delivery

  • Orders from customers - wholesalers, retail chains etc.
    After certain deadlines set for each season for each destination, orders are received from local wholesalers at the tourist resorts.
  • Order to the suppliers
    The work goes to Sweden and orders are sent directly to the suppliers. Since Litchi (usually) does not store products, it is ordered exactly what the customers want. This means that we can always give a good expiry date on delivered products to our customers.
  • Packing of goods
    From our suppliers, the products arrive at our reception terminal outside Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Here, all cartons are quickly and efficiently redistributed and packed on pallets to each customer.
  • Delivery to main destination
    The haulage or shipping company is contacted and the goods are shipped down via truck or container to the main destination where the customers themselves can choose whether they want to handle the transport within the country or if they want delivery to the door.

Advantages working with us

  • Wide product range - the importer gets all wanted products in one delivery
    Litchi collects quantities of Swedish products under the same roof, which means a big advantage for the importer who wants to order a broad spectrum of products from different manufacturers. The customer avoids contact with every single supplier in a remote country and gets good prices because we also order for others.
  • Larger volumes leading to cheaper prices
    Litchi coordinates many importers' goods needs and operates in many locations. This leads to larger volumes, which in the end allows us to keep low prices on our products.
  • Low handling costs for suppliers 
    Our suppliers do not have to work with individual importers or customers in countries far away, but in their cooperation with Litchi Foods, many customers become one customer. Among other things, this leads to: 1. Larger volumes per order as Litchi compiles several importers' orders 2. Same delivery location in Helsingborg 3. Same billing address.
  • Local wholesalers an advantage for shops/hotels
    A shop or hotel would like to have products quickly in reasonable volumes. That's why we work with wholesalers locally who have experience in distributing there. Litchi supplies by volume to the local wholesalers who in turn have the products readily available during the season.

Litchi Foods is the coordinator of Scandinavian food exports to the tourism industry in various parts of the world. We deliver to classic tourist areas such as Crete, Rhodes, Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Tenerife and Cyprus.

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