Our brands



Litchi Foods work with Sweden's major food suppliers of coffee, snacks, beverages, gluten– free, crispbread, baby food and more. Litchi also cooperate with big brands in Denmark and Finland.

The product portfolio currently consists of 25 suppliers. These suppliers together deliver a strong range of well known brands. We also offer Denmark's and Norway's biggest snack brand, KiMs. Our product range is continuously updated.

Från A till Ö:

Atria, Bubs, Cloetta, Coca Cola, Continental Foods, Estrella, Fazer, Finax, Findus, Fjällbrynt, Gevalia, Göteborgs Kex, KiMs A/S, Leksandsbröd,  Löfbergs Coffee, Mondelez, OLW, Orkla Foods, Orkla Snacks Semper, Spendrups, Toms/Anthon Berg, Wasa




Spendrups one of Sweden's largest breweries. Beer (Norrlands Guld and Mariestads etc), mineral water (Loka) etc.



MER One of the most loved beverages in Sweden




Frozen food


Findus  well-known Swedish brand of groceries. Produces everything from meatballs and fish sticks to bakery products.



Almondy frozen cakes, gluten free






Löfbergs one of Sweden's largest coffee roasters



Gevalia one of Sweden's largest coffee roasters






Wasa the world's largest producer of crispbread and similar products.



Leksands  classic Swedish producer of crispbread.




Other dry products


Semper Swedens largest producer of baby food. Also has a wide range of gluten-free products.



Findus a well-known Swedish brand for mainly frozen food products. Produces everything from meatballs and fish sticks to bakery products.



Fjällbrynt dairy company producing soft cheese och soft whey cheese. Owned by Foodmark.

www.fjallbrynt.se www.foodmark.se


Blå Band: Part of the GB Foods Group, which holds many classic brands such as Blue Band (soups / sauces), Bong etc.



Finax flour, muesli and gluten-free products.




Confectionery / Biscuits


Cloetta is one of Sweden's largest chocolate and confectionery companies.



Bubs: A fast-growing innovative candy company with popular products.



Marabou (Mondelez) Marabou chocolate products are Sweden's best-selling with classics such as Daim, O'boy and Marabou chocolate cookies. Part of the Mondelez Group.

www.marabou.se www.mondelezinternational.se


Toms Denmark's largest manufacturer of chocolate and sweets.Toms Danmarks största tillverkare av choklad och godis.

www.toms.dk www.anthonberg.dk


Göteborgs kex:  Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of biscuits.




Chilled goods


Atria: One of Northern Europe's leading food companies



The Orkla Foods Group has many very well-established brands. One of them is Kalle's Caviar, the Swedes' most beloved caviar since 1954.






OLW One of Sweden's two largest snack manufacturers.



KiMs Denmark's largest snack manufacturer.



Estrella One of Sweden's two largest snack manufacturers.


Litchi Foods is the coordinator of Scandinavian food exports to the tourism industry in various parts of the world. We deliver to classic tourist areas such as Crete, Rhodes, Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Tenerife and Cyprus.

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